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InterServices is a Service Company that operates for all international fairs in Hannover, Frankfurt, Munich and Cologne.

We offer room-booking services for all fairs and all other events in these cities.

Let us know about your apartment preferences and we will find the optimal location at a fair price.

Please be informed about our company and our successful collaboration with business partners from all over the world.

Stay in one of our exclusive hotels, guesthouses, apartments or Bed & Breakfasts rooms of all categories in the best areas of the city or on the outskirts, conveniently located to the fairgrounds and the inner city.

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Selected flats in Germany

In order that you can see for yourself the range of accommodations we offer in Germany, we have compiled a number of brochures. We currently offer a choice of over 120 types of accommodations. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

Flat No. Number of persons Connection to the fair More information (brochure)
Flat 1 in Frankfurt (Germany, 1-1-B) 1-2 persons 15 minutes with the city train More info (brochure 1-1-B)
Flat 2 in Frankfurt (Germany, 3-2) 2-3 persons Only 3 stops with the suburban train More info (brochure 3-2)
Flat 3 in Frankfurt (Germany, 3-3) 2 persons Only 3 stops with the suburban train More info (brochure 3-3)
Flat 4 in Frankfurt (Germany, 5-6) 3-4 persons 25 minutes with the tram More info (brochure 5-6)
Flat 1 in Hanover (Germany,1-1-B) 2 persons Only few minutes with the tram More infos (brochure-1-1-B)
Flat 2 in Hanover (Germany, 1-36) 2 persons Only few minutes with the tram More infos (brochure-1-36)
Flat 3 in Hanover (Germany, 3-5-B) 3 persons Only 10 minutes on foot! More infos (brochure-3-5-B)
Flat 4 in Hanover (Germany, 3-5-A) 3-4 persons Only 10 minutes on foot! More infos (brochure-3-5-A)
Flat 1 in Cologne (Germany, 1-1) 3-4 persons 2 stops with city train More info (brochure 1-1)
Flat 2 in Cologne (Germany, 1-5) 1-2 persons Appr. 10 minutes on foot, near Cologne arena More info (brochure1-5)

Prices on demand --> contact to our staff / reservation  | general terms of business

Your possibilities of payment: Mastercard, American Express, VISA, remittance, crossed (or collection-only) cheque.  

All brochures are in PDF format and can be read and stored using the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Should you not have this software already installed, you can download it here free of charge.

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More about our flats

Our well-maintained and reasonably priced accommodations are located in the close vicinity of the international fairs or the central of german fair-cities, whichever you prefer.

We offer a range of flats to suit every taste, whether basically furnished or an exclusive apartment, whether small or large.
Your personal preferences, i.e. with regard to the location of the house, non-smoking accommodation, the arrangement or choice of your breakfast or the addition of a cot will also be considered.
Your host quite often speaks different languages, mostly English.

All objects include breakfast either with table service or delivered to apartments not within a familiy home, daily cleaning as well as changing of the bedlinen and towels.

All the flats have been personally chosen and inspected by our Managing Director. In most cases pictures are available. In this way the high-quality standard of our houses and apartments can be guaranteed.

We regret to inform you that we are unable to publish our prices due to the fact that they vary according to the Fairs, location and type of apartment.

Please send us an e-mail or fax us your enquiry. We would also be pleased to advise you personally on the telephone and to draw up an individually tailored offer. Upon request, we can send you photos or brochures immediately by e-mail.

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